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Heavy metal Russian roulette

On Friday 8 June this message appeared on the Freecycle Fife East group:

Offered – Cupar: CDs

Hello there – I’m having another clearout of my office and – as a result of years of music journalism – have piles of CDs looking for a new home. These are all, in the main, heavy metal. I have loads to give away, so will split them up in to lots of 100. So if you can take a load off my hands, please get in touch!

Because I have so many to give away, please be aware than each lot will be fairly random – it would take me forever to sort through each one and list the albums individually. At least it keeps things exciting – heavy metal Russian roulette 😀

Polite requests only please! Thanks.

Jane sent me an email at work to let me know. “I thought you might be interested.”

I was; I emailed him straight away and a couple of days later I got a reply:

Hi Gareth – thanks for the message. Have been away over the weekend and returned to a deluge of emails, as you might imagine!
Anyway – yes, CDs are still available. Would you be able to take around 200 or so? If so, please let me know when you’d be able to collect.


On Wednesday evening, after work, I drove to Cupar and picked up four carrier bags full of CDs. 195 in all (after an enforced recount) and only six that I already owned.

Stack of CDs

Now the little task of organising them, listening to them and blogging about them. If I commit myself to a minimum of one a week then that should keep me busy until March 2016.

Let the metal fest commence…

Oh, and one last thing: thank you Calum. \|m|

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