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Temporary hiatus—Four hours sleep (2012)

grey tree


Reviews are on temporary hiatus while

  1. the family get over their various tummy bugs, colds, ‘flu-like viruses and snuffles. (‘Snuffles’ really isn’t a particularly metal word, is it?), and
  2. I get a web project launched.

I am still listening to the CDs when I can. The most recent have been:

  • Arceye – As the Ground Consumes You EP (2007)
  • Audiopain – The Switch to Turn Off Mankind (2007)
  • Hanging Doll – Reason & Madness (2008)
  • Impaled Nazarene – Manifest (2007)
  • Sights & Sounds – Monolith (2009)

I’ll write up these reviews once things have calmed down a little and I’m getting a little more than four hours sleep per night.

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