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Laibach—Volk Tour London CC Club (2007)

Laibach—Volk Tour, London CC Club (2007)

Laibach—Volk Tour, London CC Club (2007)


A special limited edition 2 CD live album by Slovenian industrial/techno music group Laibach. The album is a full recording of the band’s live show in London at CC Club on 16 April 2007. CD 1 contains the first part of the concert with songs from Laibach’s new album Volk (2006) except for track ‘Vaticanae’, CD 2 contains a mix of other songs (mostly from album WAT (2003)).

Recorded by Will Shapland for Live Here Now & Will Shapland Mobiles. Assisted by David Loudoun, Chris Goddard, Joe Adams, Andy Rana, Saxon, Noggin, Iain Forsyth, MJ.

Band (pseudonyms)

  • Eber
  • Saliger
  • Dachauer
  • Keller


CD 1

  1. Germania
  2. America
  3. Anglia
  4. Rossiya
  5. Francia (part 1)
  6. Francia (part 2)
  7. Italia
  8. España
  9. Yisra’el
  10. Türkiye
  11. Zhonghuá
  12. Nippon
  13. Slovania
  14. NSK

CD 2

  1. Tanz mit Laibach
  2. Alle gegen Alle
  3. Du bist Unser
  4. Hell: Symmetry
  5. Achtung!
  6. Das Spiel ist Aus
  7. Turbo-Volk Mix (by iTurk)


A couple of years ago I attended a web conference (IWMW) for university web teams where I made friends with a cheery Welshman, Kevin Mears, who draws the most incredible graphical notes during talks. Soon our conversation turned to music and Kevin most heartily recommended that I listen to Laibach, a Slovakian industrial/avante-garde band I had never heard of Laibach before.

As chance would have it, a few months later I took delivery of this batch of 195 CDs and amongst them was this double, live album.

Laibach - Volk Tour London CC Club inside CD artwork

Laibach – Volk Tour London CC Club inside CD artwork

I usually don’t look up an album that I’m reviewing, in case it influences my opinion of it. I’d much rather draw my own conclusions. But after a few listens I was struggling with this one.

It was enough, however, to simply understand that this is the live version of Volk Laibach’s 2006 concept album inspired by thirteen national or pan-national anthems, including the anthem for NSK, the virtual state to which Laibach belongs. It all began to make a little more sense now that I had a little more context.

The second CD, it turns out, contains a mixture of other Laibach songs, mostly from the album WAT (2003).

The first CD is on the whole a very acoustic album. It is quiet and subtle; ponderous even. There are a few exceptions. ‘Yisra’el’ (track 9) has a bit of a bite to it, for example; and ‘Türkiye’ (track 10) has a nice groove. ‘NSK’ (track 14) has a triumphant-but-lamentful, marching soviet feel to it.

The second CD sounds almost like a completely different band. Like a club-thumpin’ Rammstein pounding out their bangin’ tunes! I rather enjoyed it to be honest, as mindless, background noise to some repetitive copy-and-paste task that was consuming me at the time.


My opinion of this album got better the more I listened to it, and the more I read about its concept. I imagine if this album started while WinAmp was set to random play I would likely listen to it again. But I couldn’t see myself hunting it out to put it on, to be honest.

Review score: 60%


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