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Halford—Metal God Essentials Vol.1

Halford—Metal God Essentials Vol.1 (2007)

Halford—Metal God Essentials Vol.1 (2007)


Halford: Metal God Essentials Vol.1 (2007) features fifteen (15) of teh metal god’s most influential solo recordings, original demonstration recordings of Fight (1992) and Halford (1999) are featured alongside electrifying heavy metal tracks from the metal god’s recent releases.


Halford (tracks, 1–6, 9–12, 14, 15)

  • Rob Halford—Vocals
  • Mike Chiasciak—Guitar
  • Pat Lachman—Guitar
  • Roy Z—Guitar
  • Ray Riendeau—Bass
  • Bobby Jarzombek—Drums
  • Mike Davis—Drums (tracks 11, 12)

Fight (tracks 7, 8, 13)

  • Rob Halford—Vocals
  • Russ Parrish—Guitar
  • Brian Tilse—Guitar
  • Jay Jay—Bass
  • Scott Travis—Drums



All tracks by Halford, except where stated.

  1. Resurrection
  2. Made in hell
  3. Screaming in the dark
  4. Golgotha
  5. Silent screams (1999 demo)
  6. Crystal
  7. Into the pit (Fight)
  8. Nailed to the gun (Fight)
  9. Slow down
  10. Locked and loaded
  11. Forgotten generation
  12. Drop out
  13. War of words (Fight)
  14. Sun
  15. Trail of tears
  16. Hypocracy US mix


  1. Resurrection: behind the scenes
  2. Live insurrection: behind the scenes
  3. Made in hell
  4. Betrayal
  5. In the morning
  6. Silent screams
  7. Never satisfied
  8. Forgotten generation


I was obviously aware of Rob Halford from his work with Judas Priest, but until a few years ago I hadn’t really listened to much Judas Priest — except for British Steel (1980) at my mate’s house when I was a teenager, and the occasional track on the Radio One Rock Show with Tommy Vance or Planet Rock — or any of Halford’s solo material, either as Fight or Halford.

A few years ago, I wandered into Fopp record store in St Andrews (sadly no longer there. The record store, I mean, not St Andrews!) one lunchtime and there were a couple of Halford CDs on sale for a ridiculously cheap price: Resurrection (2000) and Crucible (2002)—which I reviewed back in January.

I hurried back to my office, gave them a listen and was pleasantly surprised: I loved them!

This CD/DVD package with its stereotypical ‘metal god’ cover and name is a compilation of tracks from the two albums I have plus K5 – The War of Words Demos (2007) by Fight. Nothing from his industrial metal band featuring John 5, however: 2wo. The DVD contains a couple of short behind the scenes home-movies plus single videos and live footage.

The whole thing is as you would expect: screaming guitars, screaming vocals, crushing riffs, melodic and sensitive ballads in a way that only heavy metal bands can create, and plenty of leather and pointy chrome studs!

What more is there to say? It’s Rob Halford! It’s real metal!


As I already own most of the songs on this compilation I can’t see myself pulling this CD out too often, but I certainly recommend it as a great introduction to Halford’s solo work.

The lingering question I have about Metal God Essentials volume one, however, is… will there be a volume two?

Review score: 95%


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