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Hallowed Point—Fatal Judgement EP (2006)

Hallowed Point—Fatal Judgement (2006)

Hallowed Point—Fatal Judgement (2006)


Recorded at QWAX studios, Huddersfield, UK 25–30 June 2006. Produced by Stuart Comins. Released by Hallowed Point Music.



  • Andy Phillips—Lead voals, lead and rhythm guitars
  • Daniel Whitehouse—Lead and rhythm guitars, bass, backing vocals
  • Dave Herbert—Drums and percussion, backing vocals


  1. The wrath of insanity
  2. Fatal judgement
  3. Neckbreaker
  4. Night of terror


I wanted to like this. Hallowed Point were a UK-based thrash band who cited various well-known Bay Area and European thrash bands amongst their influences. Sadly it’s not enough.

Putting to one side the rather poor production on this EP and clichéd artwork—I can surely excuse those for a debut EP, it then comes down to the music alone.

The opening track “The wrath of insanity” is a thrashy romp in the vein of very early Slayer, which is perhaps fitting given the name of the band. The vocals are gruff, the snare is far too high in the mix, and the guitar ‘doodles’ sound incongruous. If the effect they’re looking for is to chisel their songs into granite then the guitar solos are like silver car paint sprayed at random across them.

The title track “Final judgement” follows in its not-so-final second place on the recording. It’s a flippin’ power ballad! It reminds me very much of Blaze Bayley-era Iron Maiden. Yeah… no!

“Neckbreaker” opens at a suitably analogous speed. It’s actually not too bad. Good riff, good shift of tempo in the middle, and the solo (mostly) fits and doesn’t detract from the song. It is by far the standout song of the EP. It’s a shame the other tracks couldn’t have been in the same ballpark.

Lastly “Night of terror” rounds up the disc with a rather acidic twin guitar dual, rather like the audio equivalent of sucking lemons. Sadly it doesn’t get much better.


I wanted to like this. I wanted to support the British metal scene (even though I realise that Hallowed Point split four years ago). In the end I liked “Neckbreaker”.

Review score: 25%

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