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The Undertones—Dig Yourself Deep (2007)

The Undertones—Dig Yourself Deep (2007)

The Undertones—Dig Yourself Deep (2007)


Dig Yourself Deep is a 2007 studio album by The Undertones. It is the band’s second album with lead singer Paul McLoone, who replaced Feargal Sharkey when the band re-formed in 1999. Engineered and mixed by Mik O’Connell.


  • Paul McLoone—lead vocals
  • John O’Neill—guitar and vocals
  • Damian O’Neill—guitar, keyboards and vocals
  • Michael Bradley—bass and vocals
  • Billy Doherty—drums


  1. Dig yourself deep
  2. So close
  3. Here comes the rain
  4. Everything you say is right
  5. Him not me
  6. We all talked about you
  7. Fight my corner
  8. Precious little wonder
  9. Tomorrow’s tears
  10. Easy way out
  11. Happy valley
  12. Move right in
  13. She’s so sweet
  14. I’m recommending me


John Peel famously said that The Undertones’ 1978 track “Teenage Kicks” was his all-time favourite track, so much so that he wished for a line from the song to adorn his gravestone.

Until this week that song is the only Undertones song that I’ve been aware of. I don’t have much punk in my collection, and this is the only album that falls somewhere between the sub-genre of ‘pop punk’ and ‘new wave’ (of which I have a few more examples in my collection: Adam and the Ants, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, New Order, Talking Heads, Television).

This album is the band’s second with singer Paul McLoone who replaced Feargal Sharkey after the band reformed in 1999 after a 16 years hiatus—their first incarnation ran from 1975–1983.

This is definitely a pop-y, punk-y record packing in 14 songs in around 33 minutes. The shortest song clocks in at only 1′ 39″, only three manage to get above 2′ 30″.

This is a fun album of throw-away melodic songs that had my middle son (6) bopping around my study.

The songs seem to have feet planted firmly in both a nostalgic punk past but also in the present: they sound fresh and urgent.

My favourite song on the album though is probably “Move right in” (track 12), a gentle ballad that moves around a steady arpeggio—maybe it’s the season: it sounds like it should be a Christmas song!


This is a good album but for me it’s not a great album. The songs I found quite disposable: listen once then throw away. Other than “Move right in” none of them really moved me, no pun(k) intended.

I’ll keep it though as it was fun to see my boys dancing around to it!

Review score: 70%

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