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Desolatevoid / The Last Van Zant / The Parish—A Crimes Against Humanity Split Release (2010)

Desolatevoid / The Last Van Zant / The Parish—A Crimes Against Humanity Split Release (2010)

Desolatevoid / The Last Van Zant / The Parish—A Crimes Against Humanity Split Release (2010)


Recorded by Jamie Hansen, November 2008. Mixed throughout 2009.

  • Andy Howard—Vocals
  • Mark Stolp—Guitar
  • Brent K—Guitars
  • Nick Carroll—Bass
  • Tim Smith—Drums

The Last Van Zant

Engineered by Matt Morgan at Sit N Spin in June 2008.

  • D Dill—Vocals
  • B Leslie—Guitars
  • A Glenn—Bass
  • C Leslie—Drums

The Parish

Recorded at Garagemahall, Appleton, WI fall of 2009. Tracked and mixed by Grp.

  • Ryan—Vocals and guitars
  • Grp—Guitar
  • Jon—Bass
  • Fred—Drums


The CD says “A Crimes Against Humanity split release” but I can’t decide if this is supposed to be a true split album or more of a label-released taster to generate more sales. (It’s hard work being this cynical.) Whatever the truth I can’t help thinking that The Parish got a bit of a raw deal with only two tracks on the disc. (That said, their two tracks do last 14′ 43″.)

I reviewed  Desolatevoid in October. Their album was oddly prophetic: No sign of better times. I mean, it’s not awful but then again it’s not that great, either. More forgettable riffs, shouty vocals and  more than half-decent playing.

The Last Van Zant are a band that I had never heard of before. On balance, I don’t think I’ve missed out too much living in ignorance of them until now. They have quite a punk feel to them with the kind of guitar solos that I was able to pull off after only a few months of picking up a guitar. They have a big sound: rasping distortion leaking out of those poor amp cabinets, and a lot of shouting. A lot.

And so that leaves only The Parish. Only two tracks but boy! did they leave the best ’til last. “Suffer” opens with a southern groove-style riff that is shortly joined with growling death-metal vocals. It’s like Down and Gorefest jamming together. It’s wonderful!

“Dark Days” proves that the previous track was not just a one off. It opens with a mournful Black Sabbath-style riff that slowly builds to a trundling groove. This track lasts 10 minutes but not once does it overstay its welcome.


I wish I could split these EPs and review them one by one. If that were the case then The Parish would score considerably higher than the other two; perhaps even in the low- to mid-90s.

As I need to take into account the other 11 tracks on this release I will use a simple average: Desolatevoid: 50%, The Last Van Zant: 40%, The Parish: 90%

Review score: 60%

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