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Gutworm—Ruin the Memory (2004)

Gutworm—Ruin the Memory (2004)

Gutworm—Ruin the Memory (2004)


Produced by Greg Chandler and Gutwork. Engineered by Greg Chandler.  Recorded at Priory Recording Studios, Birmingham. Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering Studios. Released on Anticulture Records, 2004.

Encyclopaedia Metallum


  • Neil Hudson—Vocals
  • Lee Mason—Guitar
  • Noel Davis—Guitar
  • Carl Davis—Bass
  • Wayne Minney—Drums


  1. What you are
  2. Loveless
  3. Below within
  4. Obscure devotion
  5. Saturate in sadness
  6. Sick inside
  7. Blind from truth
  8. Incineration
  9. Twisted
  10. Reborn


It’s a shame that this now-defunct, UK-based death metal/metalcore band  only released two full-length albums (the second being 2007’s Disfigured Narcissus) in their 11 years together. This, their debut, certainly showed promise.

Everything from composition to production comes together nicely to create a solid, extreme metal album. The only thing that’s hard to stomach is the band’s name: Gutworm.

The vocals are gruff, but—as far as near-shouty vocals can—they blend well with the percussion. The guitars and drums complement one another nicely. With lots. Of. Stops and. Starts. Just the way I. Like it.

The band reminds me of Gorefest’s final album Rise to Ruin (2007) in places: it has the same bass-y feel and modern death metal sound. And in my book of metal, that’s a good thing. A very good thing indeed.


A short and sweet review, not least because I’ve got a million and one things to do this week. But this has been an easy album to listen to. File under easy listening? Perhaps not, but it’s great to hear a solid UK metal band. It’s just such a shame they split.

Review score: 80%

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  1. Hi There

    Just noticed a review of Gutworm Ruin The Memory appeared this month! Wow that’s a blast from the past (I played bass on the album). You may be interested to know that we have reformed as Krysthla and the debut album under this name is being released on Sept 28th via Initiate Audio & Media / Plastic Head (PHD) Ltd.

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