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BONUS: Faith No More—Sol Invictus (2015)

Faith No More—Sol Invictus (2015)

Faith No More—Sol Invictus (2015)

Oh dear! Look what arrived today…

Today is an historic day: the day that Faith No More released their first new studio album in eighteen years. That’s not going to make reviewing the next album in this project very easy. I can foresee that I’ll have this album on repeat for the next week or so.

I was woken last night around 12:45 by my youngest (4). At one point I glanced at my phone and realised that the album would now be available on Amazon Music. So I downloaded it, and lying in the dark I listened to it until just before 02:00 when I drifted off to sleep on my second listen through.

Having listening to it about (maybe) five or six times so far, it’s definitely a grower and Faith No More’s most mellow album to date.

But it’s a winner. It’s a keeper. It’s packed with tunes that get inside your head, tunes that twist and turn, and spit out lyrics packed with imagery and emotion.

Faith No More are back!

And I can’t stop smiling about it.

Review score: 90%

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