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Unabomber—Potemkin (Less is more) (2004)

Unabomber—Potemkin (Less is more) (2004)

Unabomber—Potemkin (Less is more) (2004)


Produced and arranged by Unabomber. Recorded in Estudio Ultramarinos, Costa Brava by Santi Garcia. Mixed by Unabomber and Santi Garcia. Released on Voliac Rock Productions, 2004.


  • Mossen Robert Beltran—Vocals
  • Abraham Martinez—Guitars
  • Gaspar Alloza—Bass
  • Iban Galindo—Drums


  1. Dreaming
  2. Poetry isn’t just stuff that rimes
  3. The ballad of the angry brigade
  4. Comrades
  5. Evidence (I see violence)
  6. Panzerkreuzer potemkin
  7. Less is more (The night I saw Brutal Truth)
  8. Sclan
  9. Anthem of the outsiders
  10. Your karma sucks
  11. The Swedish prisoner
  12. No blood, no know (bonus)


There seems to be a lack of real clarity about this band and album. According to one website I read, Unabomber hail from Andorra, while another claims they are from the Catalonia region of Spain (which to be fair borders Andorra). One site claims that they are a grindcore band, another: hardcore.

There is something really enjoyable about this album, which strikes me as definitely more hardcore than grindcore. This is more Henry Rollins than Napalm Death.

It’s definitely not the greatest album in the world (imagine if it was, though! Awesome! I got it for free.) It’s not the greatest example of musical art. But dang! there’s an energy to it. These guys were clearly having fun.

I’ve listened to it at least two or three times over the last 24 hours and while it is a little too shout-y in places for my liking there are some fun musical ideas, and pleasant riffs.


Ultimately this is pretty disposable rock, but it’s fun while it lasts.

It’s like, this isn’t the friend you take to your gran’s 90th birthday party, this is the mate you take to Donnington Park for Download, who sees you through a heavy night and makes sure you get home safely but not before he’s drawn on your face in permanent marker.

Review score: 60%

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