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BONUS: Siderian—Cancel Your Future EP (2015)

Siderian—Cancel Your Future EP (2015)

Siderian—Cancel Your Future EP (2015)


Siderian are Northamptonshire-based metal band formed in March 2015. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Neil Hudson at Initiate Audio and Media in July 2015. Released 18 September 2015.

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  • Dave Pope—Vocals
  • Kyle Ainsworth—Guitar
  • Piotr Lukasik—Bass
  • Mike Wilson—Drums


  1. (The) small house
  2. Reduced aisle
  3. Hell of a week
  4. Limb efficiency


This EP was kindly sent to me for review back in September but as things were personally going south for me around that time this has sat in my email inbox until now. Which is a real shame because this is a pretty great EP from a new British metalcore band hailing from Northamptonshire, England.

The EP comprises four tracks recorded in July 2015 with Neil Hudson (Krysthla, ex-Gutworm) and to be honest it did take me a few listens to get into it, as I don’t really listen to much metalcore, but I’m really glad I put in the time. This is a very impressive EP.

“(The) small house” (track 1) kicks the EP off in quite an understated but none-the-less rather majestic way, taking about a minute to get going. Dave Pope sings in a typical gruff metalcore style somewhere between a growl and a scream.

“Reduced aisle” (track 2) opens with a single guitar riff, that is soon mirrored by bass as the kick drum keeps the beat. The song has a mid-pace stomp, slows right down to a ponderous guitar riff in the middle before building again to blast its way home.

“Hell of a week” (track 3) begins with a very punk-sounding chord progression hammered out on guitar. Bass and drums bounce along beneath it. This is one of the more melodic songs on the EP, probably the most catchiest.

“Limb efficiency” (track 4) has a driving groove that I imagine sounds killer live. I particularly like the dynamics of the song as it speeds up and slows down throughout, and I love the bass guitar sound which unpins the song and doesn’t get lost in the mix.


All in all a pretty solid debut performance from Siderian. It’s great to hear new British bands with such energy and drive and talent. More of this please…

Review score: 85%

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