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Residual Effect—3 Track Promo Demo (2005)

Residual Effect—3 Track Promo Demo (2005)

Residual Effect—3 Track Promo Demo (2005)


No details on inlay card. Independent release.


No details available.


  1. Less than this
  2. Slit wrist
  3. Living through mime


You couldn’t really hope for a better intro to this three track demo from Belfast (Northern Ireland) based melodic death metallers, Residual Effect.

When “Living through mime” introduces the demo it does so like a brick to the face. The musicianship is excellent, the riff is heavy and dark, and the the bass tone in particular is very pleasing. (I’m not sure I could write a more British thing in a metal review!)

“Less than this” (track 2) proves that this wasn’t just a freak accident. Another heavy riff that begins like a tank being started, before trundling off down the road to crush everything in its wake. (Do tanks have wakes?)

“Slit wrist” (track 3) hits the ground running with a relentless, bouncing riff. Gutteral vocals are barked. Guitars that sound like chainsaws buzz through the song, as te drum kit is pounded to within an inch of its life. The initial, very repetitive riff is broken up nearly two minutes in with a slight change of direction. To be honest, I didn’t think this song was going to cut it but these cunning deathsters brought it round in the end.


This is one of the most promising and exciting demos that I’ve listened to in a long time. To be honest, it’s significantly better than an awful lot of albums by signed bands that I’ve had to listen to.

To date Residual Effect have only put out this 2005 demo plus one full length album, the following year. Thankfully that album is scheduled for next week. Expectations are running high. Don’t disappoint me team Ireland!

Review score: 90%

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