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Schizma—Hardcore Enemies (2006)

Schizma—Hardcore Enemies (2006)

Schizma—Hardcore Enemies (2006)


Produced, recorded and mixed by Perlazza at Studio Taklamakan, Opalnica, Poland in February 2006. Mastered by Szymon Czech. Released on Madmob Records.


  • Pestka—Vocals
  • Schizmaciek—Guitars and vocals
  • Wania—Guitars
  • Krzyżak—Bass guitar
  • Młody—Drums


  1. Hardcore enemies
  2. Fed up
  3. Parasite
  4. Don’t look back
  5. No regrets
  6. Let it burn
  7. Angry god
  8. Pushed around
  9. Nothing’s left
  10. Dead end
  11. Two words down
  12. Great leap
  13. Kings without a land


Another cracking album that has yet again derailed my finely tuned schedule for catching up with reviews. It’s albums like this one that make me thankful for this project and the opportunity to discover artists that I otherwise would likely never encounter, at least not easily.

Schizma, formed in 1990 in Bydgoszcz, Poland, are one of the more enduring and most popular hardcore bands to emerge from Poland, and they certainly do justice to the genre.

The songs are heavy and melodic, they twist and turn, and Pestka’s vocals (a hardcore holler) fit the music perfectly.

It’s albums like this that make me want to go back and listen to everything else that I have that is labelled ‘hardcore’, which thanks to this project is more than I had remembered.



I’m going to be lazy and jump straight to the conclusion. I suspect that I do write less about the albums that I really like, selfishly keeping my thoughts to myself when I really should be shouting every detail from the rooftops. If indeed blogs have roofs.

Brilliant album. I loved listening to this again and again. And again. And again.

These guys have just knocked Biohazard off my top spot as favourite hardcore band.

Review score: 100%

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