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Seasick—Bestie Mensch (1998)

Seasick—Bestie Mensch (1998)

Seasick—Bestie Mensch (1998)


Produced by Tom Tom and Seasick. Tracks 1 to 10 recorded at Exit Section Zweinbrücken from 23 to 27 May 1998; mixed from 16 to 18 July 1998.

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  • Chain—Vocals
  • Mingo—Guitar
  • N.O.—Bass
  • Nussi—Drums


  1. Was ist ein Menschenleben wert
  2. Macht
  3. Mutter Hure
  4. Only Agression
  5. Bis das Blut gefriert
  6. Endstation Hass
  7. Erst geboren schon verloren!
  8. Meins!
  9. Human madness
  10. Nazi bastard
  11. Perfection (bonus track)
  12. Born for chaos (bonus track)
  13. Children of paradise (bonus track)
  14. Track 14 (bonus track)


There is a curious thing going on with this album: like your average Rammstein album, the lyrics are almost completely in German. But the packaging is almost entirely in English!? Anyway…

This album has a very old school thrash feel to it, right down to the lo-fi, raw-sounding early Sepultura-style production (think Schizophrenia). As such, the album sounds better a) played loud, and b) played on something with a half-decent graphic equalizer.

If you’re looking to improve your German, there are plenty of spoken parts scattered throughout this release, which gives it a bit of a European, indie film feel in places.

Tracks 1 to 10 belong to the Bestie Mensch album (which you can still hear for free on Bandcamp). The remaining four tracks are bonuses. Only tracks 11 to 13 were listed on the CD sleeve notes and appear to be their demo promo from 1995.


There is nothing particularly innovative to be found on this album. It sounds for the most part like rather generic old school thrash played on a cassette of a cassette of a cassette.

But as such it does rather have a bit of old school charm about it. It is raw, it is passionate… it’s human. And I really cannot criticise it for that. In a world that tries to be too polished and squeaky and clinically professional I really admire the honesty and earthiness of this release.

Incidentally, Bestie Mensch is German for The Human Beast.

Review score: 75%

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