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Second Chance (NL)—Tides May Turn (2003)

Second Chance (NL)—Tides May Turn (2003)

Second Chance (NL)—Tides May Turn (2003)


Produced by Dirk Miers, co-produced by Perry Seleski. Mixed and mastered by Dirk Miers. Recorded at De Studio, Asse (Brussel). All music by Second Chance, except track 13 by Sick of It All.


  • Ronald Driessen—Vocals
  • Perry Seleski—Guitars
  • Jimmy Stress—Bass guitar
  • Jordy Middelbosch—Drums


  1. Why should I care
  2. Make amends
  3. Tides may turn
  4. Straight edge is a waste
  5. We don’t care
  6. Progress or poverty?
  7. Full speed ahead
  8. Beg, steal and borrow
  9. Teenage tragedy
  10. All over again
  11. G.S.
  12. Stand up
  13. The deal (Sick of It All cover)
  14. Outro (Break up and be loud)


The album cover made me suspect that I might be in for an evening of pirate metal. But no, it’s hardcore.

I think I probably say this every time I review a hardcore album: every time I review a hardcore album, I forget how much I like hardcore. I should really have got the message by now. This is hardcore album number 13 in my collection.

I’ve only listened to this album two or three times, but I’d say that Second Chance can hold their own against the likes of Poison Idea, Sick of It All, or Biohazard. The songs are short (the title track clocks in at 3′ 06″, but most don’t even see the two minutes’ mark), they are melodic and punky, and the production is good with enough bass to give the album depth.

I think my favourite moment in the album is towards the end of “Straight edge is a waste” (track 4) which switches to a very lo-fi vibe, making it sound like the track is being played from a small transistor radio.

The penultimate track is a cover of Sick of It All’s “The Deal” (track 13) which offers a nice contrast between the style of the two bands. All things considered, I think I actually prefer my fellow Europeans.

The closing track “Outro (break out and be loud)” is played on acoustic with everyone singing along. It’s the most pirate-sounding track on the album, and indeed probably in my whole collection. Yah-harr! Ye hardcore lubbers!


Each time I’ve listened to this album I’ve had the same uncomfortable thought: this album is a bit like own-brand crisps. It does the job. It doesn’t offer anything particularly new or exciting. While it may be rather generic hardcore, I like it. It does the job, and it does it well. It doesn’t get in the way of itself.

This band doesn’t need a second chance from me (see what I did there?). I’ve liked them first time round.

Review score: 70%

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