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Serial Obsession—Serial Obsession (2008)

Serial Obsession—Serial Obsession (2005)

Serial Obsession—Serial Obsession (2008)


Written, performed and produced by Serial Obsession. Engineed and co-produced by Rob Fillmore. Recorded at Mercy Sound Studios, New York, NY.

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  • Shawn—Vocals and guitar
  • Suozzi—Guitars
  • Jason—Bass
  • T.Motts—Drums


  1. Here we come
  2. Let’s go
  3. Surrender
  4. Grey
  5. Say goodbye
  6. Pushing the stone


It’s really not that often that I don’t particularly enjoy a rock album, but unfortunately that’s what I’m faced with here.

With only six tracks and clocking in at a little over 21 minutes, this EP includes five mid-paced songs and one slower, ballad-esque track (“Surrender”).

It’s not just one thing that puts me off this album, it’s a combination of things from the repetitive riffs (between songs as much is within songs) and song-writing, guitar tone (a very harsh, saw-blade tone), the lyrics, the vocals (rather Doors-like), and the production.

The ballad-like “Surrender” (track 3) is probably the most listenable track for me on this release but even then I can’t quite bring myself to say that it’s my favourite.


This isn’t a bad EP per se. It’s just not my cup of tea (or rather it is, since I don’t drink tea). I just found it rather uninspiring, a bit ‘acidic’ in places and so rather unpalatable. Sorry guys: it’s not you, it’s me.

Review score: 40%

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