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The Shizit—Live at Club Spirit (2008)

The Shizit—Live at Club Spirit (2008)

The Shizit—Live at Club Spirit (2008)


Tracks 1 to 4 originally recorded on 13 September 2000 and released on Unreleased until 2008.


  • J.P. Anderson—vocals, guitars, programming
  • Brian Shrader—guitars, backup vocals, samples


  1. 32-bit whore (live)
  2. Anti-culture (live)
  3. Point click kill (live)
  4. Firewall (live)
  5. Audio jihad II (slip mix) *
  6. Anti-culture (slip mix) *
  7. Dear government (slip mix) *
  8. Just one fix (ministry cover) *

*bonus tracks


Out of sheer laziness, I’ll hand the introduction to Wikipedia to cover the salient points:

The Shizit was a digital hardcore act from Seattle, Washington, USA, initially formed by J.P. Anderson and Brian Shrader in 1999. The music was an intense mix of gabber, breakbeat, drum and bass, hardcore techno, hardcore and heavy metal guitars, amped up with aggressive political lyrics.” (Source)

I expect that this genre of music would go down well in the bangin’ clubs and discotheques the length and breadth of the country. It is fast paced with heavy bass and rapid drum beats. This is music for dancing to, not sitting listening to. Ironically, though, if I was in a club (say, if I’d had a personality change) then I would probably prefer to sit and listen to the music, and analyse it than simply be carried away by its frantic beats.

Of all the tracks, I enjoyed only the final “Just one fix”. I found myself thinking, “This sounds like a Ministry song”. It is a Ministry song. That’ll be why, then.


I didn’t really connect with this album too much. And with the accompanying DVD even less. Sorry, it’s not you, it’s me.

Review score: 40%

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