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Slit—Cronaca Nera (2005)

Slit—Cronaca Nera (2005)

Slit—Cronaca Nera (2005)


Recorded at Temple Studios, Malta in 2004. Mixed and produced by David Vella. Mastered by Dave Chang.


  • Frank Calleja—Vocals
  • Daniel Bezzina—Guitar
  • Joker (Jo Kerr)—Basilisk
  • Gerald—Drums


  1. [Untitled]
  2. The devil’s location
  3. 7even demons
  4. Showcase
  5. God shaped hole
  6. Myriad
  7. Stone cold, shine
  8. Paean
  9. Integrity
  10. Magnolia part II
  11. Sinner beyond defile
  12. Shedding


There is a lot to like about this album from Maltese metallers Slit. While Encyclopaedia Metallum lists Slit has “thrash/groove metal” the style of this album puts me more in mind of early industrial death metallers Fear Factory fused with Obituary (also death metal).

The production and mixing on this album is superb. The mids and bass are full but punchy. The riffs are ‘chunky’, the vocals are gruff but not distracting. This is one heavy, HEAVY album that stops and starts which allows the riffs space to breathe. Slit have a great sense of timing.

From start to finish this album captured my attention. This isn’t an album to play as background music, this demands a proper listen.

I’ve noticed over the course of this project that the albums that I like most I write less about, as if I want to keep the details to myself; as though I can’t fully sum up my appreciation in words. I guess that’s what I have here. If you are into modern thrash, mildly industrial death, or metalcore then I urge you to seek this album out.


This is an album that I expect to be listened to for a while to come. Each listen reveals something new, nuances that I hadn’t noticed on the last spin (if indeed you can spin mp3s).

I’m impressed. More like this please.

Review score: 98%

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