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And that… is that. 195 CDs and 195 reviews over 52 months.

Here they all are, in one place. Plus a few other bits and pieces: bonus albums and album previews that I kindly received because of this project, plus a few photos of all the CDs together.

195 metal CDs (and more)

195 metal CDs (and more)

Just looking at some of those album covers takes me back to when I listened to them, or struggled to find the words to describe them.

It’s been a journey. It has been a welcome focus, particularly during the last year as my marriage has come to an end, and I have moved out of home and into my new flat and new responsibilities as a University halls of residence warden, alongside my daytime responsibilities as the web architect at the University of St Andrews.

One of the joys of this project has been discovering new music, bands and albums that I had never heard of.

A friend of mine, Ava, asked me this evening online which albums have been my favourites, the one that I play again and again. Looking at the list of scores, I gave 17 albums full marks: 100%.

Of those a few stand out most:

Diabolical Masquerade—Death’s Design: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2007) is perhaps the overall winner of this project. It’s the go-to album when I need to listen to something heavy, but epic. It’s the movie soundtrack that never was.

Godflesh—Streetcleaner (1989) is an album that I owned already (and I even bought the t-shirt!). This is one of the best albums ever for coding to.

Krysthla—A War Of Souls And Desires (2015) is an album that I was sent to review because of my favourable review of their previous band Gutworm. If this had been part of the original 195 (though some kind of freak time-travel glitch, I guess, what with it being released three years after I started the project) then I expect this would by my ultimate number one album.

Lair of the Minotaur—War Metal Battle Master (2008) is an album that I have a fondness for. It’s the first album I listened to, on my drive back from Cupar with my treasure trove of compact discs. It’s a brutal album, though, relentless and grand.

Russian Circles—Station (2008) is another album that I return to again and again. It reminds me of Shutter (Scotland), an amazing instrumental Inverness band that had a friend of mine on guitar.

What next?

And so… on with the rest of my life, I guess. Or maybe not. This review site has led to a number of bands sending me forthcoming albums to review.

Up next we have VirvumIlluminance (2016) and Not Above EvilAlways darkest before (2016) to review. And after that eleven CDs that I acquired from a friend of mine, William, in Glasgow: albums by At the Gates, Battle of Mice, Dark Tranquillity, Diamond Head, Fields of the Nephilim, Isis, Jesu, and Obituary.

I’d like to review your album

If you fancy sending me an album to review I would be more than happy to prioritise your album over my busy schedule.

If you want to contact me I’m on Twitter @garethjms or email me,

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