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Pop-punk round-up

I’m so behind with reviews what with life, trying to find a new job and everything, so I’m introducing a new quick round-up of some recent releases that have landed in my inbox over the last couple of months.

Seasonal—Weathered EP (2018)

Seasonal are a pop-rock band from Surrey, England. Weathered is their sophomore release. Five fun and bouncy tracks from the pop-punk-esque “Strangers” and the Bob Mould-influenced “Honestly” to the driven “Twelve”.

There is a maturity to the writing but I do wonder how quickly Seasonal will find their own distinct and unique voice. At the moment they sound like a patchwork of influences. It’s good though.

Review score: 75%

Just About Done—I Am Getting By EP (2018)

This three-track EP by Melbourne pop-punk quartet  Just About Done packs a punch from the outset with a deep, tight production and a broad sound.

The songs are delicate and melodic thanks to the warmth and clarity of vocalist Samantha McGee’s voice.

There’s not much that’s new here, but the songs are well written and delivered with integrity and conviction.

Review score: 80%

Why Everyone Left—This Is Not A Test EP (2018)

Another pop-punk EP, this time from Italian crew Why Everyone Left.

“Stand by” has a nice punchy riff and “Whiskey & Coke” has more of a pop than punk vibe—it would make a perfect credits-song for some teenage angst movie.

This is a rather sweet and fun EP. It’s rather pop-punk by numbers but some days you just need that.

Review score: 70%

Saves The Day—9 (2018)

This recently released album from former-emo / current alt-punk group Saves The Day brings a collection of nine songs for their ninth album release.

I really liked the heavily repeating feel of “Kerouac and Cassady” and the opening sludgy feel of “Rendezvous”.

My main criticism of this genre is that bands seem to craft the most inventive song introductions only to slip quickly into a familiar and generic pop-punk groove. Sadly, this album falls into the same pattern. It’s a decent enough release, it just doesn’t really verge far from ‘safe’.

Review score: 65%


Inception Press contacted me inviting me to preview these releases, which I was delighted about.

I have no connections to either Inception Press or Seasonal, Just About Done, Why Everyone Left or Saves the Day. I’m not being paid to review this. But I did get free digital copies of each release to review which is pretty cool.

Many thanks to Lauren from Inception Press, and to these bands for continuing to create music.

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